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How do I book a trip?
Simply fill out the booking request form telling us the dates you are interested in and any other questions you may have and we will get straight back to you with details. You are required to pay a deposit of 10% to reserve a place after which you need to pay the remaining 90% at least 6 weeks prior to departure to confirm the place.

Do you ever go on land?
Yes. We love to explore so we frequently go for treks or just paddle up a river and see what’s there. Sometimes we have barbecues on the beach. We like to meet local people and find that the places we go still retain that wonderful aspect of travel where you and the locals are equally curious of each other.

Must I have insurance? 
Yes. It’s mandatory that you have insurance that covers medical expenses (including evacuation) and repatriation. See our terms for full information or contact us directly with any questions you have.

Should I bring my Passport?
Yes, always. You are often required by port authorities to show your original passport. Please ensure it has a minimum validity of 6 months after the end of the trip and has  all the required stamps/Visas etc. to allow you to legitimately travel in Indonesia.

Do you have internet/phone reception?
Sometimes. It depends on where we are. Since we follow the coast cell towers have greater range than on land but given that some of our trips are aimed at remote locations you should not expect to be able to be ‘online’ as normal.

What safety equipment do you have?
We have a fully certified life-raft and life-jackets, flares and other maritime safety essentials.

Do you have fishing gear?
Yes we have rods, nets, spear guns and other fishing paraphernalia, but if you want to bring your own please do!

How do you choose which waves to surf?
Generally the surf guide will decide which locations to go to but once there the guests call the shots as to where to surf, sometimes with different groups going to different waves nearby. Of course if the guests wish to surf a particular location then the surfguide will endeavour to take them there.

How many toilets are on board?
Four - all with with showers.

Do you have A/C?
Yes, but can only be used when connected to power at a marina.

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