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Travel Advice

Travel Insurance**

You must be in possession of valid travel insurance covering the entire period of your trip aboard the Oniva. The insurance must cover surfing, boating and other related activities. It is highly recommended the insurance cover provides "medivac" as the places we travel to can be remote and lacking medical facilities.

We recommend the following travel insurance companies.

Surf Travel Insurance

QBE Travel Insurance


You must have a valid Passport. Check the expiry on your Passport. It must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended departure from Fiji.

Bring a copy of your passport. A photocopy should be fine in the event you lose your passport.

Surf Equipment

Goes without saying. Fiji has some of the best surf breaks in the world. Come prepared. Bring at least 2 surfboards. The surf breaks in Fiji can be heavy and boards are snapped easily. Bring your all round go to surfboard, and maybe a step up for when the surf is larger. Don't forget spare fins, a small ding repair kit and spare leg ropes.

Other Equipment (e.g. Fishing, Snorkelling gear/Diving Gear)

We have a couple of rods on board but by all means bring your own. Can never have enough lures for instance. There is also snorkelling gear and a speargun available. The boat is equipped with an air compressor if you wish to bring diving gear with you so you can refill your tanks. It's recommended your bring a waterproof bag for your camera or phone in case you want to visit one of the many beaches scattered among the islands.


Keep clothing are on a boat. Shorts, board shorts, Bikinis, t-shirts, a pair of trousers. Maybe bring one nice outfit in case you decide to visit one of the many restaurants on the islands. Don't forget to bring a beach towel. Shoes are not worn on the boat so maybe bring some thongs and 1 pair of shoes in case you go on one of the islands.


The Sun is very hot and you will be on a boat. Sun protection is very important. We highly recommend a zinc based product. Don't forget to bring a hat.


We have a couple of chargers and adaptors on the boat but it's recommended you bring your own. The boat is fitted with US style plugs so bring the appropriate adaptors. I.E US to AU adaptor.

*Please note that items marked with an asterisk are mandatory items.Failure to provide them when required may result in your trip being cancelled.

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