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Kadavu Island south of Fijis main island

The island is 60 kilometres (37 miles) long, with a width varying from 365 metres (1,198 ft) to 8 kilometres (5 miles). The island is almost sliced in two at the narroIsthmus, which separates Namalata Bay on the northern coast from Galoa Harbour on the southern coast. Within Galoa Harbour lie Galoa Island and the tiny islet of Tawadromu. Kadavu is characterized by its rugged and mountainous terrain. The tallest mountain is Nabukelevu, also known as Mount Washington, which stands at 805 metres (2,641 feet) high, on the western end of the island.

Nagigia island
Nagigia Island off the western end of Kadavu near Nabakalevu-i-ra

Nagigia Island has a quality left hander and also has amazing diving and fishing there are no resorts in the area that are currently operational and there is a good anchorage in front of Nagigia island or the main village Nabakalevu-i-ra.

king kong left
King Kong left in front of Nagigia Island

king kong left
A guest enjoys a day at King Kong left

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