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Mamanuca Surfing Locations

Fiji surf locations – Malolo Area

Malolo Area Waves

Cloudbreak – fast and fun reefbreak at 2-4 feet and heavy barrels and tubes at 4-6 feet, offshore in tradewinds and picks up predominant swell from the S and SW year round. Sharp reef bottom – intermediate to advanced surfer level

Kelly Slater Cloudbreak
Kelly Slater slides into epic Cloudbreak

Restaurants – mechanical wave that refracts and wraps around Tavarua Island – always about half the size of Cloudbreak offshore in tradewinds, endless barrels on the good days. Sharp reef bottom – intermediate to advanced surfer level

Restaurants Surfing in front of Tavarua
Adam Yared the editor sets up a line at Restaurants

Wilkes Passage – fast right hand reef break fun at 2-4 feet challenging at 6 to 8 feet, not as heavy as Cloudbreak and works in light w or sw winds. Best on mid tide rising. Intermediate surfers no problem here.

Namotu – fun longboard and shortboard wave at 2-4 feet, performance wave at 6 to 8 feet and epic long walls and barrels at 10 feet plus !..not to be underestimated and as good as Cloudbreak on the day – needs east winds or light northerlies.

Swimming Pools – fun right hander breaks opposite Restaurants and can have hollow big days or small fun days, needs west winds or glass.

Swimming Pools Namotu
Swimming Pools on a great day

Desperations – a fun bump in the reef a few miles from Namotu and Wilkes – good in northerly winds and smaller swells.

Tavarua Right – a rare gem that has its days and can be as good as Wilkes shorter faster and heavier.

General Information – close to Nadi and Malolo Resorts these waves offer the best combination of waves in Fiji and are protected by the brunt of tradewinds by the mainland, there is always a rideable wave in this area and it is truly a surfers paradise and caters to all levels of ability.

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