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Lau Surfing Fiji - halfway to Tonga !

Southern Lau waves - Matuku

Vinakaland Matuku – thick fast heavy – side offshore in tradewinds and not for the fainthearted. Fun at 2-4 feet – heavy at 6 – 8 feet.

Dippas Matuku – thick short – fun at 2-4 feet.

Vinakaland Matuku
Vinaka Land Matuku

Lau Waves – Matuku

Daku left fun and playfull and great in east and north winds, collects any kind of south and east swell, it has many sections and can barrel on the good days. There is a fun right shorter and hollower on the other side of the passage that spreads the crowd.

Daku passage Matuku
Daku Passage Matuku

Lau Waves – Totoya

Naivaka right – fun playfull right good in light winds and at 2-4 feet

There are 3 good lefts in 3 separate passages close to the right and a comfortable anchorage at Naivaka Gap on Totoya, all good in tradewinds as they are west facing passages

Marabo left in lau
Marabo left in Lau near Kabara

Lau Waves – Lakeba

Raiki-liku on Lakeba has an amazing left overview below – the wave is offshore in tradewinds and good from 2 – 6 feet.

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